The Artist

Steven Mana Trink discovered the artist that resided within him, when guided to take an art therapy workshop, during the time he was recovering from a life-threatening illness on the Hawaii island of Oahu. The vibrational frequencies emanating from his painting played an integral part in his healing.
Preferring to use only his fingers, alcohol ink and tempera watercolors , Mana expresses his inner vibration of love onto canvas or specialized papers. The colors, all-vivid, primary and high frequency are chosen by Spirit. They project Radiance, Vibrancy and Celebration. Mana then quiets his mind and puts aside any structured or preconceived ideas. His connection to his inner vibration of love consciousness, radiating from his heart, flows to the paints on his fingers. Applying them onto canvas or specialized papers the silent emerging artist then guides his hand in the creation of the images that take form from beyond his mind.
The ever- present beauty of the paradise of Kauai is reflected in all his creations. When we view his vibrational art the uplifting feeling of Harmony, Joy, Peace and Celebration is ignited and experienced within us. His art is healing, inspires passion, ignites creativity and cultivates authentic self-expression.
Mana resides on the “Garden Island” of Kauai, where he continues to paint, promote his new book, “Navigating The Winds of Change”: A Spiritual Guide To Embracing A Loving Life, and spread his Aloha.

Listen to Steven Mana Trink discuss his art and writings on the Media page.

The Story

It all started in the year 2018, the time that Steven Mana Trink was faced with life altering challengers. His wife and soul partner Laura had passed away. The Mobile Urgent Care Service that he and Dr. Laura co-founded on the Big Island of Hawaii came to a halt. Then, suddenly, he found himself in a hospital bed, isolated with a life-threatening illness, on the island of Oahu.
After convalescing for six months in a critical care facility, Mana chose to move into an assisted living and independent retirement community. It was in the solitude of his apartment, during the Covid lockdown, that Steven Mana Trink first discovered his inner artist.
The two years that followed were his greatest period of spiritual growth. During this time, Mana focused mainly on his own healing. He shifted his intention away from trying to control his life circumstances and surrendered to the most powerful force in his recovery: trusting the divinity of the process of his unfolding life story.
In trust that he may be able to facilitate his healing and thrive in life, Mana was divinely guided to enroll in an on-line art therapy course, Creative Alchemy™. This unique quantum, creative and holistic approach facilitates healing pain, traumas, symptoms, limiting beliefs and trapped low density vibrational frequencies. Mana’s intention was to address his health using the protocols and techniques that he was taught in the art program as a means to recovery.
The images we view in his gallery today radiate the nourishing high frequency of love and are a testimonial to the healing power of self -realization.
Steven Mana Trinks’ creations are on exhibit at Art & Soul, Kauai Arts and Wyland Galleries on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai.

Announcing Steven Mana Trink's New Book

A Spiritual Guide To Embracing A Loving Life

Steven Mana Trink Book